An April Shower, a May flower…and the Literature Hour!


When you think of Spring, you think of an April shower, a May flower…and the Literature Hour! JLF at Southbank returns to the Southbank Centre for the third time this May with over 40 speakers and 20 sessions and workshops.

‘Jaipur on Thames,’ as it is often called, promises to engage you, thrill you, stimulate you and definitely leave you with burning questions, changed opinions and new favourites. We have Shatrughan Sinha talking about his life in politics and Bollywood, Shrabani Basu, Yasmin Khan and Alex von Tunzelmann on women writing about war, Gideon Levy, Barkha Dutt, Salil Tripathi and K. Satchidanandan on going against media pressure and groupthink and even a session on Tipu Sultan and his tiger with Susan Stronge and William Dalrymple.

Whether you are interested in the specifics of translating from one language to another, the challenges and successes British-Asians face, literature sprouting from one of the largest mass migrations in history, the Partition or the Kamasutra and its importance, the festival will ensure you leave satisfied.You may come away with details on the Raj that you never knew about, or walk out of a session on photography with feelings of hope, inspiration and starting afresh.

This feeling of magic is what the Jaipur Literature Festival experience has provided visitors with for years and continues to do so…this time across the pond in London!

Mark your calendars for the 21st of May! Click here to buy tickets and to scan the program for your favourite speakers and session topics.


– Sukhman Khera
Sukhman is part of the Festival Secretariat team and assists on the programming and production of all editions of the Jaipur Literature Festival. She has worked at Teamwork Arts since 2014 and is enthusiastic about coffee, Neil Young and transcending the cycle of rebirth once and for all.

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