Vijay Fafat

The Sword of Poetry

Explore the relationship between poetry and political protest in the 21st century. A pen in rebellion signs its symbo

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Devendra Upadhyay


There is no such thing as nature - we are nature. Does talking about ‘the environment’ create an unhelpful distincti

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Lokesh Kaza

The Hyderabadi Ragpickers

Ratna knew he could not hold his breath in the murky waters for longer than a minute. He surfaced with whatever he could

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Swastika Jajoo

dear kid

dear kid, you're alright on the days you feel like a girl and dress up like a girl, even if they tell you you're mean

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Suchitra Dalvie 1

From the very well maintained files of Mrs Pushpa (I–hate-tears), Secretary to CEO

From the very well maintained files of Mrs Pushpa-I–hate-tears, Secretary to CEO (Paying respect to that amazing book

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Soumya Sreehari


Atul pondered on his lesson plan for tomorrow. He was affected by yesterday’s incident and wanted to do something. He

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Soumya Mahalakshmi

Gender fluidity, Literature and Ancient India

Inspired by Devdutt Pattanaik In the ancient world of exuberant natural beauty amidst green, teeming vines and lithe

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Sonal Sharma


they tell me to have shame run back to your mother no better hide shame too late now its that time of the month again sh

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Prachi Bhagwat JLF Blog 2

Will the 21st century see the end of gender identity ?

In February of 1933, Sane Guruji, a popular writer of children’s stories, imprisoned in the Nashik jail, spent five ni

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Noah Pelletier

The Gender Identity Scrapbook

It’s been interesting to look through these old photos this afternoon, as when I was a boy—I mean, a person with Bin

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Relationship between protest and poetry in the 21st century

I consider protest a romantic undertaking for a reason. Like idealism ,utopia or perhaps, love, it envisions the breakin

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Niharika verma

Will the 21st century see the end of gender identity?

For millennia, mankind has been fascinated by the duality of Mother Nature. For day, there is night; for dark, there is

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