Poetry Hour 7×7: Kavita Nirantar

A daily series of multi-vocal poetry readings featuring writers from around the world. Different languages, rhythms and poetic styles converge in a joyous celebration of the poetic imagination.

Book Launch: Behind My Scenes by Lorenzo Angeloni

A retrospective account, this book follows the meandering path of Giorgi’s thoughts to unravel what it means to be in love. Dealt with extreme depth and emotion, this is the vividly painted journey that results when two complicated individuals share a depth of feeling. Written with an almost painful insight into multitude of emotions that… Read more »

Book Launch: Scattered Rays by Poonam Surie

Often, the life lived brings with it a multitude of emotions, experiences and reflections that exist somewhere in the subconscious. This anthology was conceived over a lifetime of travelling, of moving across a wide canvas of experiences and of searching for answers, which brought the author to a point where she was compelled to pen… Read more »

The Wodehouse Effect

P.G. Wodehouse continues, quite paradoxically, to be one of the most popular English language writers in post colonial India with a readership that spans generations. What is the enduring mystery of India’s fascination with Wodehouse? Is this a phenomena of the reviled ‘Lutyens’ classes? How and why does his idyllic English world reach out across… Read more »

Spotlight: The Hunt for Truth

‘Portuguese -American journalist Michael Rezendes won a Pulitzer Prize for his investigative work as a member of The Boston Globe’s legendary Spotlight Team. In conversation with Sreenivasan Jain, he speaks of the power of traditional and local reporting, the values, veracity and commitment required for investigative journalism as well as the changing definitions of news… Read more »

Samskara: The Intangibles

‘Samskara’ is an untranslatable Sanskrit word that can mean different things to different people. It encapsulates intangible ideas of customs, ritual, upbringing and concepts of individual belief. A session that explores the psychological impact and conditioning of ‘samskaras’ and the tangled webs of identity that they involve as well how they play out in a… Read more »

The Spirit of the Game: Cricket vs Football

It has been said that cricket is a religion but football is a way of life. An adrenalin pumping session pitches India’s two most popular games against each other. Columnist, sports journalist, and India’s foremost football commentator and expert Novy Kapadia’s Barefoot to Boots documents the story of Indian football. News editor and anchor Rajdeep… Read more »


Anthony Horowitz OBE has been hailed by The New York Times as ‘the most original and best spy-kids author of the century’. Having starting writing at the age of eight and professionally since the age of 20, he is the author of the highly successful multi-million selling Alex Rider books. In addition, he is also… Read more »

From People to Citizens

A session that examines the role of the individual citizen rather than the amorphous ‘people’ in the context of aspirations and modernity, traditions and counter narratives, rural and urban spaces, privacy and technology. A citizen owes allegiance to the state and has social and political rights within it. A distinguished panel provides perspectives on the… Read more »

Congo Journey

Redmond O’Hanlon has journeyed among headhunters in deepest Borneo with the poet James Fenton and amid the most reticent, imperilled and violent tribe in the Amazon Basin with a nightclub manager. This, however, is his boldest journey yet. Accompanied by Lary Shaffer, an American friend and animal behaviourist, a man of imperfect health and brave… Read more »

Julia Donaldson: On Page, On Stage and On Screen

Julia Donaldson, author of the bestselling children’s book The Gruffalo, has created a vibrant and exuberant parallel world for young readers. In a joyous session of storytelling, performance and recitation, she speaks of writing for children, the strong performative element in her work and the process of transforming The Gruffalo and other books into film… Read more »