The Fictional Leap

“I build half the bridge, the other other half is the reader.” Much-awarded Indian novelist, playwright, screenwriter and critic Kiran Nagarkar’s work straddles languages, cultures and timelines. In a scintillating conversation with acclaimed Kannada novelist and playwright Vivek Shanbhag, he speaks of his seventh novel Jasoda. They also discuss bilinguality, writing in Indian languages, fiction… Read more »

Translating India

A session celebrating the commitment and dynamism of those translating, promoting and publishing the vast treasure of South Asian literatures. Practitioners discuss the constraints and challenges of forefronting literature from the 22 Indian languages, nationally and internationally. Followed by the Vani Foundation Distinguished Translator Award 2018

Language, Identity and Translation

Focusing on indigenous writing and minority languages, panelists look at translation as a powerful tool that enables literatures to reach out to one another, creating an essential and free-flowing dialogue of culture and identity.

The Role of Art in the Book Industry

The tactile sense of books, their colour, texture and typeface immensely add to the romance of reading. Hitting on the right design concept can help position and even market a book. Professional graphic designers share their passion and knowledge and explore the role of art in the book industry.

Vitaran: Distribution and Outreach in Indian Publishing (Roundtable)

The Dainik Bhaskar Group brought out a Book Readership Survey in 2017 that is an in-depth study of reading habits within four languages across 94 towns in 12 states in India. Publishers and media persons assess the impact, outreach and distribution of books in Indian languages.

Independent Magazine (Roundtable)

Little magazines are pioneering enterprises founded on conviction. They reach out and venture where more established publishers do not and form a valuable component in promoting avant garde or marginalised writings. A session devoted to the value of these important ‘little’ publications and the diversity of approaches they nurture.

Digital Narratives (Roundtable)

Original longform literature and classical narratives are finding new dimensions through web narratives where subscription-based streaming services or platforms have made serialised storytelling a new genre. Stellar names from the film and television industry working in this new genre discuss its potential and capability.

Festival Directors’ Roundtable:

The fifth edition of Jaipur BookMark brings to you the Festival Directors’ Roundtable where directors from around the world talk about how festivals impact change in local communities. They share ideas and best practices to enhance the overall experience of festivals for both participants and visitors, at a time when festivals are fast becoming one… Read more »

How Do Books Travel?

A fascinating glimpse into collaborations between poets from India and Wales along with some of the delights and challenges of easing poetry and translation from and across two countries towards publication. Translators, poets and publishers consider a range of activities that create opportunities for sustainable projects and act as a catalyst for new literary connections…. Read more »

Poetry Hour 7×7: Kavita Nirantar

A daily series of multi-vocal poetry readings featuring writers from around the world. Different languages, rhythms and poetic styles converge in a joyous celebration of the poetic imagination. Presented by Red FM