114. The Art of the Novel: On Writing Fiction

Where does fiction come from? What is the process of its creation? How do you make up characters and situations that are believable? And why should the reader care? Five of the world’s greatest living novelists, Amy Tan, Chika Unigwe, Helen Fielding, Joshua Ferris and Michael Ondaatje, share their insights on the art of the… Read more »

139. The Feminine Gaze: Women Writing Memoir

How does a woman capture her own life in writing? How different is feminine memoir from that of a man, and also from the autobiographical novel? Masters of the genre, Abeer Y. Hoque, Alia Malek, Amy Tan and Juliet Nicolson, discuss the difficulty of pinning the self to paper with in conversation with Keggie Carew.

108. The Dancer and the Dance

Scholar, artiste, danseuse Sonal Mansingh’s passion for her art is matched by her passion for life. In conversation with Sujata Prasad, author of Sonal Mansingh: A Life Like No Other, she speaks of the legacy of three dance forms—Bharatnatyam, Odissi and Chhau—as well as the evolution of classical arts in post Independence India and a… Read more »

138a. Book Launch: Chinatown Days by Rita Chowdhury

It is the early 19th century. The British East India Company has been bringing in Chinese slaves to work in the tea gardens of Assam. Amidst days of misery and toil, they slowly begin to find contentment in their day-to-day lives. In post-independence Assam, Mei Lin, descended from the slave Ho Han, lives a life… Read more »

133. Rajpath Aur Lokpath: Of the People, For the People

Rajasthan is India’s largest state in terms of size. Its rugged terrain and rich traditions have forged a unique cultural identity. In a freewheeling conversation, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, a longstanding friend of the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival, speaks of her love for books and her government’s role in nurturing public spaces as platforms… Read more »

127. The People Next Door

India and her neighbours share common borders, histories and cultures. Writer and diplomat T.C.A. Raghavan, author of The People Next Door: The Curious History of India’s Relationship with Pakistan, in conversation with writers on and from Pakistan, the North-West Frontier, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar. A session that examines contiguities, seeks commonalities and searches perspectives on… Read more »

125. Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se: Celebrating Lyric Poetry

Lyric poetry is the medium of the masses in India, bringing accomplished verses to the greater public and creating a rooted musical and poetic aesthetic. The powerful works of a generation of immortal lyricists found voice in the post independence cinema of the fifties and sixties. Legendary writers like Shakeel Badayuni, Hazrat Jaipuri, Sahir Ludhianvi,… Read more »

113. Greed and Human Aspiration

“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have,” said Socrates. Greed is one of the driving forces of modern society. Consumption and aspiration are fuelled by an orchestrated manipulation by dream merchants who focus on immediate gratification and collective addiction. There are established… Read more »

119. The New Wealth of Nations

Surjit S. Bhalla’s latest book The New Wealth of Nations observes and investigates trends towards greater economic equality. Today, over 70% of the world’s middle class resides in the once poor countries. Bhalla’s thesis is that education is the new wealth and currently of a greater magnitude than financial wealth and much more equally distributed…. Read more »

107. Manhunt: Pakistan and the Search for Bin Laden

The extraordinary inside story of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda in the years after 9/11. Following the attacks on the Twin Towers, Osama bin Laden, the most wanted man in the world, eluded intelligence services and Special Forces units for almost a decade. Using remarkable, first-person testimony from his family and closest military aides,… Read more »

‘क्राइम राइटिंग’ का बढ़ता बाज़ार

180124-DURB-JBM-Crimewritingindustry-Panel-(L-R)OliverMoystad,MinnaLindgren,CarinGerhardsen,H.E.NilsRagnarKamsvag,OddHaraldHauge (2)

‘क्राइम राइटिंग’ पर आधारित ये सैशन कई मायनों में ख़ास रहा| यूं तो अपराध कथाएं हमेशा से पाठकों को आकर्षित करती रही हैं| फिर वो चाहे अगाथा क्रिस्टी हों या पेट्रीशिया कॉर्नवेल, जो नेस्बो हों या स्टीग लार्सन| हमेशा से पाठक बड़ी दिलचस्पी से उन्हें पढ़ते रहे हैं| इंडिया में भी ‘अपराध कथा’ के लेखकों… Read more »

‘बुक फेरी’


जयपुर बुकमार्क के प्रथम दिन दरबार हाल मे पहले पैनल डिस्कशन मे जुबान बुक्स की निदेशक उर्वशी बटालिया ने अक्षय राउतरे, निक्को ओडिसेओस, शताब्दी मिश्रा, श्रुति शर्मा और तिलक शर्मा से ‘For the Love of Books’ विषय पर एक बहुत ही रोचक परिचर्चा का संचालन किया । अक्षय और शताब्दी ‘वॉकिंग बुक फेयर’ के संस्थापक… Read more »