141. First Book Club

Jaipur BookMark 2018 brings you the second edition of the First Book Club that provides a unique platform for first-time writers. Aspiring authors from across India shortlisted for this New Writers Mentorship Programme will pitch and present their ideas to an expert panel of literary agents, publishers and mentors.

134. Agents’ Open House

How do literary agents feel about their competitors? How do they build trust among themselves – if at all? Who are the stakeholders in the literary game? Is it all cloak-and-dagger or is openness possible? Come listen in to this discussion.

132. The Perils of Celebrity

Soha Ali Khan is born to celebrity. An accomplished actor herself, she is the daughter of a legendary film heroine and a cricket hero, sister and sister in law to Bollywood superstars with a royal heritage and Tagore ancestry. Her candid memoir, The Perils of Being Moderately Famous, takes a down to earth look at… Read more »

112. The Rise and Fall of Dinosaurs in India

It took almost 50 years for the first Indian dinosaur, Titanosaur, to be given a name while the Rajasaurus, also an Indian dinosaur, is said to perhaps be more ferocious that the Tyrannosaurus Rex. In a riveting conversation with Pradip Krishen, biochemist and artist Pranay Lal, delves into how limited technology and curiosity has restricted… Read more »

Inauguration of the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2018


Inaugural Session Address by  Shreyasi Goenka, Namita Gokhale, William Dalrymple and Sanjoy K. Roy                                              By Louisa Tomlinson, Official ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger The eleventh edition of the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival opened in grand style today, to a fanfare of ceremonial drumming, music and dancing. Rajasthani performers wove their way through the packed… Read more »

143. Why We Must Protect the Aravallis

The Aravallis are the oldest mountain range in India and perhaps the world. Formed by colliding land masses and volcanic eruptions brought about by the collisions, they extend for approximately 700 kilometres and have been around for nearly 3 billion years. The highest peak, Mount Abu, stands at 5,650 feet in the central Aravallis in… Read more »

इंडियन मार्किट में अँग्रेजी पुस्तकें


जयपुर बुकमार्क के प्रथम दिन के आखिरी सत्र मे दरबार हाल मे पैनल डिस्कशन की शुरुआत  एडिटर प्रीति गिल ने इस बात पर प्रकाश डालते हुये की कि किस तरह से युवा वर्ग पाठकों से जुडने के नए नए तरीके इज़ाद कर रहा है । उन्होंने इस बात पर सभी का ध्यान दिलाया कि किस… Read more »

प्रिंट के विकास में सहायक है डिजिटल


एक सवाल जो हाल के समय विश्व पटल पर उभर कर आया है वो है डिजिटल माध्यम का प्रिंट माध्यम में बढ़ता हस्तक्षेप| इसके फलस्वरुप अक्सर समय-समय पर प्रिंट के भविष्य पर सवालिया निशान लगते रहे हैं| आज जिस प्रकार से हर तरफ प्रिंट का डिजिटलिकरण करके पाठकों के सामने पेश किया जा रहा है… Read more »

130. Bees, Butterflies and Blooms

Writer, broadcaster and gardener Sarah Raven is on a mission to halt the rapid decline in the essential bees, butterflies and pollinating insects by bringing flower power to towns, cities and the countryside. The world’s bees and other pollinating insects are in crisis. It is a complex problem that scientists the world over are trying… Read more »

136. Cities: Past and Future

A session that transports us to the inner lives of cities, ancient and modern. Esther David invokes the walled city of Ahmedabad and shares her moving documentation of Jewish identity in India. In an intense journey of discovery, Hugh Thomson takes us to the mysterious pre-Columbian cultures of ancient Peru, introducing us to the Inca… Read more »