…..reaching out, making connections, sharing our Truth!

The Tehelka Foundation carries forward its flagship program BEING HUMAN at the Jaipur Literature Festival for the second year, engaging with the youth of the host city.

The theme for this year is BUILDING BRIDGES – human to human, physical to emotional, emotional to spiritual. Connecting with people, from within as well as externally, through a myriad tools we use constantly, verbal as well as non verbal.

What better opportunity to study the art of communicating through skilful writing than at a Literary festival! A chance to listen to renowned writers, Indian and International, at mainstream public sessions as well as at special sessions only for young people, as Gulzar, Gcina Mlophe, Ruskin Bond, Alex Bellos, Praason Joshi and other masters share their craft and inspire listeners to follow suit!

A group of 50 participants between the ages of 15 — 18 years from different socio- economic backgrounds have been chosen for these workshops, to ideate and learn from one another, and in the process grow into more compassionate beings. Apart from writing they will be exposed to different forms of creative expression such as meditation, theatre, music, drawing and painting, through which they will be encouraged to dive deep into their inner core and express themselves from that Truth.

It is hoped that the participants of BUILDING BRIDGES will return to their communities as more expansive, empathetic beings, donning the mantle of peer educators with ease. And the bridges that are built at these workshops will only grow stronger with time.