Clarks Amer Music Stage

The second night at Clarks Amer was an explosive fusion of literature and music, a true embodiment of the spirit of the ZEE Jaipur Literary Festival.

Author Tanuja Desai Hidier and guitarist Gaurav Vaz opened the night with songs from the world’s first ‘booktrack:’ songs inspired from Hidier’s latest novel, Bombay Blues. The novel is the sequel to Born Confused, the story of an American-Indian Dimple Lala, and her songs painted vivid pictures of Bombay, including the chaotic Chawri Bazaar – the market said to be the home of everything you’ve ever lost.

Jeet Thayil, another writer who so colourfully evokes Bombay in his novel Narcopolis, then took to the stage with his band Still Dirty. He strutted on in a florid monochrome shirt, aviators and platforms, clearly more than comfortable to move beyond the solitary confines of the writer stereotype. His songs are based on his poetry and, like his novel, are heavily influenced by narcotic experiences.

“It hits you at the back of the throat

Like an anesthetic

And the paramedic

Tells you you’re lucky to be alive

And you say I’m not lucky or alive

I’m just high…

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