Anosh Irani – ZEE JLF AT Boulder

Mogador: The Quest

By Lynn Grasberg, Official ZEE JLF@Boulder Blogger “You follow the energy and that creates structure. You’re following the body and the heart, not the head.” I was in the front row, tablet on lap, taking notes at a program called, “Mogador: The Quest” featuring the book’s author, Alberto Ruy-Sanchez, in conversation with Anosh Irani. Ruy-Sanchez […]

Orientations: Writing Sexuality

By Jaimie Epstein, Official ZEE JLF@Boulder Blogger In Janice Gould’s poem “The Girl I Used to Be,” from her collection The Force of Gratitude, the subject rises from a clear Sierra stream, “gasping from that brutal creek, terrified, but absolutely clean.” This is a metaphor for the psychic rebirth that each LGBTQ person has to […]