• 19-23 January, 2018 at Diggi Palace

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The past decade has seen the Festival grow into the world's largest free event of its kind. Having hosted 1300 speakers and welcoming nearly 1.2 million book lovers, its success of has been astonishing and heartwarming.   Equity and democracy run through the Festival's veins, placing some of the world's greatest minds, humanitarians, historians, politicians, business leaders, sports people and entertainers from all walks of life together on stage. This free and egalitarian access to these renowned thinkers and writers is a powerful statement in a country where access to such individuals remains the privilege of a few. The ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival provides a potentially life-changing opportunity for audiences from Rajasthan, across India and the world to learn from and exchange ideas with contemporary literary stalwarts.


Celebrate the Word


10 Years of Celebrating the Word

Once again, the 2017 edition of the Festival will bring together a dizzying array of voices and cerebral conversations.
  • It's settled. The Jaipur Literature Festival is officially the Woodstock, Live 8 and Ibiza of world literature. The Frankfurt Book Fair and the Booker Prize Awards are like watching the Pope sleep compared to an ambience best described as James Joyce meets Monsoon Wedding."
    Time Out
  • "It was a much younger, livelier and more euphoric crowd than literary festivals usually attract. It wanted to be provoked, was eager to laugh and fought to be heard: as the microphones went around for questions, eager hands snatched at them."
    The Economist
  • "Like Hay dropping acid."
    The New York Times

Seeing school students, in uniform, on a Saturday, peppering esteemed journalists and politicians with erudite and wide-ranging questions was brilliant.

Meredith Curnow, Publisher


The Jaipur Literary Festival is part-circus, part-postgraduate seminar and part-revolutionary assembly.

Lawrence Norfolk, Author


The greatest literary show on Earth.

Tina Brown, Journalist & Author


The most fabulous literary love-fest on the planet.

Simon Schama, Author & Historian


कई सार्थक आवाज़ों का घर है जेएलएफ, वो शीशमहल है जहाँ सैंकड़ों आईने तेज़ी से इवॉल्व होते हुए समाज की परछाईयाँ दिखाते हैं।

Anu Singh Choudhary, Writer, Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker